We hope you will love everything that you order from us, but don’t worry if something isn’t quite right, you have 30 days to return, or to exchange the same item for a different color, size, etc (as long as it is the same price or lower).

We’ll give you a full refund (or difference, if any, in the case of exchanges) by the same method you used to pay, and all we ask is that items are returned in perfect condition. This means: clean, unworn, unwashed and have all their tags on. Items returned to us in a non-sellable condition, will not be refunded and may be sent back to you.

Please note that, unless we have made a mistake, shipping charges cannot be refunded.

For all inquiries, email us at support@oliprik.com.

How to return or exchange

    1. Please email us at support@oliprik.com notifying us regarding an exchange or return. You can easily just hit reply to your order confirmation email and notify us there. If you write to us in a separate email, then please include your order number, name, address and phone.

    2. Pack your garment in the original box (we’d really like to try and keep waste to a minimum, so please consider the environment and re-use our packaging as much as possible).

    3. Fill out a note with your reason for returning the item, for example, ‘Too big’ and if applicable, the details of the new size or color that you would like in exchange. Include the note inside the parcel. Preferably also email us this information to support@oliprik.com.

    4. Take the parcel to your chosen post office or collection point and ship it to:

      OLI PRIK
      Sophus Schandorphs Vej 16B
      DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

      (Please remember that financial responsibility for the return is yours until it reaches us.)

    5. Once your return has been received, processed and approved by us, we will ask your bank to process a refund. This is done within 14 business days and will show on your next statement, depending on the issuing bank's processing time and/or billing cycle - please note that we are unable to influence this. Your refund will be payable with the same payment method you chose for purchase.